SOOLOOX – earn with your data

CONSUMERS: From data providers to data authorizers

Consumers are currently the cash cows of the advertising industry.
Data is collected and processed in countless places with and without the consumers’s knowledge.

CONSUMERS supply their data; but they do not get any compensation or rewarding.
SOOLOOX will change this with the SOOLOOX platform.
We will enable consumers to make money with their data!

More details to the impact of sooloox - have a look at our blog.

SOOLOOX Platform

The basis for the platform is the - Interest Dimension & Transaction-Box - we call it - IDTX. It may be the beginning of a revolution in the advertising and online marketing market.

Interests are regularly the starting point of the demand for products or services of all kinds. These interests are made available as leads* for suppliers with the help of IDTX.
*A lead is the successful contact initiation of a product or service supplier to a potential customer.

The platform participants can take on different roles at the same time. 

Users, in the role of a customer, earn money with their leads (interest-lead).
Users in the role of a vendor can buy these leads and convert them to purchase agreements (transaction leads) - i.e. faster and less expensive sales.

The IDTX enables the "matching" of interests and product offers, thus becoming a tool that satisfies the needs of CONSUMERS and COMPANIES.

From Classic marketing to disruptive marketing!

SOOLOOX press reviews

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SOOLOOX Marketing Reverse

Classic Marketing

Companies use marketing to attract the interest of customers.


SOOLOOX Disruptive Marketing

Customers use the IDTX to get their interests discovered by suppliers.


IDTX and its main values for CONSUMERS:

  • Get income from personal data
  • Generate revenue through transactions
  • Make unspecified requests easier to fulfill
  • Get matching ads
  • Get matching product offers

IDTX and its main values for COMPANIES:

  • Increased sales
  • Reduced advertising costs
  • Reduced transaction costs
  • Reach actual interests
  • Facilitate product development


The platform provides different types of USER accounts that can be used to execute and post USER transactions in their different roles.
SOOLOOX includes options, as mentioned below:

    • allows the use of the platform.
    • allows the customer to earn financial revenue, but not a payout, e.g. to other wallets or bank accounts.
    • free of charge
    • A USER prerequisite to be able to make payments and withdrawals.
    • chargeable - the CASH-ACCOUNT-KEY's owner can make deposits and withdrawals with transaction fees and/or fixed fees.

A START ACCOUNT becomes a CASH ACCOUNT when a key is entered.
The key is called CAK.
SOOLOOX provides token - we call our token CASH-ACCOUNT-KEY.


USERS who have purchased CAKs are the owners of the right to define and collect fees for a CASH ACCOUNT.

  • CAK can be rented for an indefinite period of time.
    The CAK owner can thus open up long-term sources of income.
  • CAK can be sold.
    The CAK owner can thus obtain sales proceeds.
  • CAK can be used for your own CASH-ACCOUNT.
    CAK owners can thus avoid their CASH ACCOUNT fees.

Purchasers of CAK, within the ICO, freely decide which CAK are to be used and which are to be sold.

CAK, which are acquired under SOOLOOX ICO's, include a right of pre-emption for subsequent CAK offers.


SOOLOOX performs an INITIAL TOKEN OFFER. Within the ICO, the buyers acquire CASH ACCOUNT KEY (CAK). Technically, the CAK is an ERC20-compatible token.
CAK are integer.

Purchasers of CAK must be registered to receive token.

The CAK include rights to define CASH-ACCOUNT fees to and collect on them. The fees charged may differ between CONSUMERS and COMPANIES. As long as the token is linked to a CASH ACCOUNT, it is a blocked utility token. CAK can either be sold (short-term), or the owner can retain them and use them as a source of income (long-term).

The worldwide online advertising market has a volume of more than 400 billion U.S. dollars.

The potential of the SOOLOOX platform is as follows:

  • Over 200 million COMPANIES worldwide
  • More than 3.4 billion CONSUMERS worldwide

There are only 30 million CAK offered in the ICO.

ICO Caps

We have set four goals for the ICO:

soft cap

soft cap < 1 million USD

This is the minimum amount. If we do not reach this point, we should cover external initial project costs and return an available positive balance to the investors’ accounts and the project will be suspended. This would mean that the interest to the SOOLOOX platform is low.

normal cap

normal cap> 10 million USD

This amount should allow us to launch the project according to our roadmap. Basis applications like the MULTI-CURRENCIES-ACCOUNT, PROFILES, INTERESTS, TRANSACTIONS, API should be developed.

optimal cap

middle cap > 18 million USD

With this amount we plan to develop all applications (e.g. AI, INSPIRATION, PRODUCT-DESIGN, WISHES) in once, shorten the implementation period and build a buffer for the future and unexpected expenses.

hard cap

hard cap > 30 million USD

This will enable us to start marketing activities for the SOOLOOX platform.


ICO Conditions

The price for a CASH-ACCOUNT-KEY (CAK) is 3.00 USD for a limited time period from 04/16/2018 to 05/03/2018. The price per CAK will then be adjusted to 4.50 USD.
Purchasers have to register including copies of ID/passport and a copy of an utility bill.


  normal cap (USD) middle cap (USD) hard cap (USD)
Technical concept 2.50 m 2.50 m 2.50 m
Legal service 1.0 m 1.0 m 1.0 m
Administration / Team 1.5 m 2.00 m 3.50 m
Buffer - 0.50 m 1.00 m
Platform implementation 5.00 m 12.00 m 12.00 m
Marketing - - 10.00 m

"Early bird" bonuses:

Early bird

Buy CAK within the ICO Pre-Sale period and benefit from very attractive first-buyer bonuses.
Participation in the SOOLOOX ICO can only take place with ETHER.
The receiver wallet must be compatible with ERC20.
CAK are integer.

1. Registration Period

12/12/2017 - 03/31/2018 registration period.

Receive 1 CAK registration bonus for each 10 CAK purchase during ICO Pre-Sale period.

2. ICO Pre-Sale Period

The price for a CAK is 3.00 USD.
Payment has to be made on our Ether-Wallet.
KYC process in advance or after payment.

04/16/2018 to 04/18/2018 purchase 1 CAK get 1 CAK bonus.
04/19/2018 to 04/21/2018 purchase 5 CAK get 1 CAK bonus.
04/22/2018 to 05/03/2018   0 bonus.

The sale ends on the 06/30/2019 or if the specified quantity is exhausted - whichever event occurs first.

3. ICO Period

The price for a CAK is 4.50 USD.

ICO Sale will start on 05/04/2018.
Payments will be made to our wallet Join now
You should register in advance - before payment.

Token will be provided after payment.

The quantity of CAK, which are not sold in the Pre-Sale or are not used as a bonus, are further available for the ICO Period.

Why buy CAK?

CAK can be used, sold or rented.

CAK users can avoid their CASH-ACCOUNT fees. 

No claims can be made about possible selling prices at the current time, but less than 1% of the supposed CAK demand potential is offered in the ICO.

In the following table you will find non-binding income examples for CAK-OWNERS renting a CAK to a CUSTOMER or a COMPANY. CAK owners can participate from the lead transactions.

Ø interest-lead volume CONSUMERS p.a. = 900 USD
Ø amount of transactions for 12 months =  50
Ø income for Cash-ACCOUNT-KEY owners p.a. 
12 * 1.00 USD     = 12 USD
50 * 0.10 USD     =   5 USD
10% of 900 USD  = 90 USD
estimated CAK earnings p.a. 107 USD
Ø interest-lead volume COMPANY p.a. = 12,000 USD
Ø transaction-lead volume COMPANY p.a. = 60,000 USD
Ø amount of transactions for 12 months = 2,400
Ø income for Cash-ACCOUNT-KEY owners p.a. 
     12 * 5.00 USD  =   60 USD
2,400 * 0.10 USD  = 240 USD
1% of 60,000 USD = 600 USD
estimated CAK earnings p.a. 900 USD

There are ten times more CONSUMERS who need a CAK than COMPANIES. This explains the SOOLOOX proposed - but non-binding - fee structure.