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Depending on the timestamp of your Ether transfer for purchasing CAK you will receive further bonuses in the ICO Pre-sale period.
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10 bonus CAK if you purchase from 04/16/2018 to 04/18/2018


2 bonus CAK if you purchase from 04/19/2018 to 04/21/2018


Our CASH-ACCOUNT-KEY - CAK - is a token including the option on monthly income from operational activities (long term) or the sale of it to platform-users (short term) or using it for toll-free own CASH-ACCOUNT transactions.*
* you will find further details in our white paper

CAK are based on a disruptive marketing business model.
CAK are utility token on the SOOLOOX platform.
CAK are integer.

Users of the platform need CAKs to withdraw their earnings.
CAK-owners are free to decide

  • to use or
  • to rent or
  • to sale CAK.

We will design CAK enabling our purchasers to earn on CASH-ACCOUNTS on the SOOLOOX platform.

These earning functions do not depend on SOOLOOX rules but on the CAK-owner decisions, the final development of the IDTX-technology and the realization of the SOOLOOX applications on the SOOLOOX platform.

Sooloox CAK sale: We will publish our wallet key soon - check the countdown

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