ICO Sale-Period

While ICO Sale period transfer the amount to our wallet in order to receive your CAK token.
To receive token you have to register with your public key of an ERC20 compatible wallet. Your registration, include upload of all required pictures to verify your identity has to be finished till we deploy your token.

Token will be send to you within 3 days after payment and fully registration. You can make several transactions but you need to use only the wallet which you have added to your personal data at sooloox.com


To buy CAK token, send your ETH to:

Sooloox wallet - public key: Copy

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From 05/04/2018 to 06/30/2019 


Our CASH-ACCOUNT-KEY - CAK - is a token including the option on monthly income from operational activities (long term) or the sale of it to platform-users (short term) or using it for toll-free own CASH-ACCOUNT transactions.*
* you will find further details in our white paper

CAK are based on a disruptive marketing business model.
CAK are utility token on the SOOLOOX platform.
CAK are integer.

Users of the platform need CAKs to withdraw their earnings.
CAK-owners are free to decide

  • to use or
  • to rent or
  • to sale CAK.

We will design CAK enabling our purchasers to earn on CASH-ACCOUNTS on the SOOLOOX platform.

These earning functions do not depend on SOOLOOX rules but on the CAK-owner decisions, the final development of the IDTX-technology and the realization of the SOOLOOX applications on the SOOLOOX platform.