Create your own Ether-wallet

Get your own My Ether wallet - Public-Key and Private-Key to receive CAK token 

Please add your corresponding ERC20 wallet address to your personal data profile. This is where we will send your CAK tokens to. Tokens will be sent automatically after payment. In the event that you did not add your receiving wallet address on time, you can add it later.

Ensure that you double check that your wallet address is correct!
Tokens sent to an incorrect address cannot be retrieved! We cannot stress this point enough - there is no recourse for tokens sent to a wrong address. Sooloox is not responsible for lost tokens due to the use of an incompatible wallet or incorrect wallet address. If you don’t already have an ERC-20 compatible Etherium wallet, here’s how to easily create one.

Go to


 1. Confirm that is no bank


2.  Confirm that is an interface


3.  Confirm that you already know what a blockchain is 

4.  Confirm "Whats the Point of MEW then?" 

5.  Click "How to Protect Yourself & Your Funds" 

6.  Click "How to Protect Yourself from Phishers" 

7.  Click "How Protect Yourself from Scams" 

8.  Click "One more click & you are done" 

9.  Click somewhere to finish the dialog 

10.  Type in a password to create a new wallet  

11.  Save Your Keystore File  

12.  Save Your Private Key  

13.  Print Your ADDRESS (Public Key) & Private Key  

14.  Unlock your wallet with your saved keystore file to see your address (alterative a)  

15.  Unlock your wallet with your private key to see your address (alterative b) 

16.  Unlock your wallet with your private key to see your address (alterative b) 

17.  Your wallet details 

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